Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Alluring but Deadly

For project number 5, as a curator, my exhibition will feature swords from different time periods and countries worldwide. The theme of my exhibition will show swords are used for hunting and presentational purposes. All swords shown are made of gold, metal, iron or copper. As curator, I am looking to catch the eyes of individual by showing the swords purpose and their beauty. Also so the viewer can enjoy the beautiful and hard work put into making these weapons. I am attracted to these kinds of weapons because I love to see the art work that has been engraved in the weapons itself, I look at these as almost a story being told whether it’s a sad or happy one. My analysis was affected just because I knew there were lots of swords out there but I didn’t know how beautiful other places can make them look just by putting in a bit of their culture on the sword itself. The swords Sasanian and sword of Captain Richard French Ames are more for showing off as to using it in combat. It shows the person had power and wealth with its all gold handle and casing. Also with its inserted rocks makes the swords more elegant. As for the Celtic and gold weight swords, these are more use for combat or hunting. They are rusted and chipped in some places. In my opinion, I think all sword are beautiful in there own way, as how they were made or how they look.

Sword of Captain Richard French Ames
 Manufacturing Company (American, Chicopee, Massachusetts, 1829–1935)
 Arms and Armor

ca. 7th century A.D.
Ancient Near Eastern Art

ca. 60 B.C.
Medieval Art

Tibetan or Chinese
14th–16th century
Arms and Armor (Not on display)

Congressional Presentation Sword and Scabbard of Major General John E. Wool
Arms and Armor

Gold Weight: Sword
18th–19th century
Ghana (Akan peoples)
Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas

Design for a Presentation Sword
ca. 1860–80
Arms and Armor

June 1622
Arms and Armor

Hunting Sword of Prince Camillo
Antoine-Modeste Fournera (documented 1806–17)
Arms and Armor

Blade and Mounting for a Slung Sword (Tachi)
ca. 1640
Arms and Armor

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